Ice sculpture

This is something new for Indian weddings these days and it’s taking the scene by storm! We’ve been spotting ice sculpture at Indian weddings off late, so thought we’d tell you guys all that you need to know about having one at your wedding! Plus, it’s such a cool and unique idea for weddings – so dreamy and romantic!

Ice sculptures are a good way to add some drama, glamour and elegance to a wedding function. Here are few things you need to keep in your mind… before you get into it!

What to get

Selecting what design you want is the primary step after you make up your mind. There are a lot of designs which are pretty popular at Indian weddings- from a giant engagement ring for the ceremony to a dancing couple that we recently saw or even something random like an elephant or quirky design works well. Religious idols like a Ganesha and Buddha are also pretty popular.

The latest thing we hear are ice bars- with everything from the counter to bar drops your even your shot glasses made of ice! Ice cold food bars and even hookah stations are also super in these days!


Where to get it

There are a few companies in India which are into making ice sculptures and your decorator can help you out with that. Most people get it sourced through the decorator, which makes the process of ordering, transporting and installing hassle-free for them.

Where to display

Ice sculptures look good in the central centerpiece of the hall and right after the entrance into the venue.

Size of the sculpture

The size of the sculpture should depend on the layout and size of the hall, as well as where you choose to set your sculpture. It will probably weight above 100 – 150 kgs, so make sure the table can support the weight.


How is the sculpture made?

So curated ice sculptures do not melt as fast as your natural ice cubes do. They take a long time because they are made of deoxidized ice- which means the oxygen is sucked out of them, making it denser without any air holes. This makes the ice melt very slowly. Depending on the design chosen, the sculpture can either be hand-carved or be made using a mould.

How long does it last?

Ice sculptures set up indoors will last nearly 7-8 hrs. Also remember, the larger the piece, the longer it lasts. You don’t have to worry about puddles, as when the ice melts, water collects in the self-contained drip tray which can be easily covered so the guests won’t be able to see the collecting water.


How much does an ice sculpture cost?

So from about INR 50,000 onwards for bar accessories to over a lakh for a full blown statement ice sculpture, the price varies depending on the design, size and the effort involved in making it. A normal sculpture about 4-5 feet tall might set you back by about 3 lakh rupees. Shipping charges might be additional if you’re receiving it from another city.

What is the time taken to get it made?

Usually a month’s advance for bigger sculptures or a fortnight is good enough.

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