Questions For Wedding Florist Before Finalizing

No wedding is complete without decorations and especially beautiful wedding flowers.

An elegant flower arrangement is something that adds a new freshness to the wedding, making it colorful and elegant. Thus, good florists and decorators are an extremely important if you want an attractive wedding décor.

There are several aspects you have to look into while deciding the flowers for your special day. Whether or not the flower of your choice matches with the theme of the wedding? Have you chosen the right combination and display arrangement to get that special touch to your venue?

Take time, put in additional effort to ask and discuss some of these important questions with the wedding florist to make your day memorable for lifetime.


View samples: Can I see the photo samples of your work?

Other wedding venues: Can I see the flower decorations done by you at any other wedding site?

Same day booking: Do you have any other booking on the same date of my wedding day?

Theme: Which flowers will best suit to my wedding theme and which color flowers should I go for?

Time taken: How long do you need to decorate the venue?

Hidden costs: Are there any hidden costs?

Popular trend: Which flowers and arrangements are popular currently?

Transport: Can you transport the wedding flowers to the wedding venue?

Stylist: Do you yourself design your flowers or will it by someone else?

Variety: How many styles can I choose from which fits my budget?

Payment: When and how do I have to pay?

Extra items: Do you also have other items like vase, centerpieces etc.. to decorate the venue?

Complimentary offers:  Would you do a complimentary flower decoration of my home and car.

Food decoration: Do you also decor food stalls that are setup by caterers?

Don’t limit yourself, ask your florists for the ideas and do incorporate your ideas as it is your wedding. You don’t have to stop at flowers alone as the florists have unique ways to beautify the venue and they have vase, centerpiece and flowers floating around in a bowl with stylish candles. Some florists also do theme decoration with flower, candles, carpets, crystals etc.

Make wise decision by choosing the right florist to have an ever lasting impression.

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