Wedding chairs: Comfort in style matters!

Wedding chairs: Comfort in style matters!

Every individual wants his/her wedding to be stunning and ‘awe-worthy’. Particularly when comes the D-day venue, you endeavoringly make sure everything, from the drapes and carpets to the flowers and cuisine is perfectly organised. After all, you want your wedding venue décor to bedazzle the guests. Well, when you are in the same boat to sail at your wedding destination, then there is no option to stick to the hoary floppy covers and bows when everything else is so captivating. Here are a few awesome ideas to enliven you to deck up the chairs in a way that would encourage unique

#1. Fabric sheath

Unplug the old-style of coveralls instead create a dreamy décor with the application of captivating fabrics. Use among shimmery, sheer, lacy or embroidered fabrics instead of ordinary ones to wrap all around the chairs. This will provide the elegant look, with a use of a traditional satin bow, or some fabric flowers when tied on their back/side.

#2. Ruffle rush

It will be unusual if you go for a heavy dose of ruffles, wherein the back of the chair can be covered with ruffles. A chair with ruffles can be decorated in pastel or darker shade, like maroon or crimson red. Make it a little decent by draping simple fabric on the upper-half of the chair and hanging ruffles at the bottom. Use bright happy colors like lime green and hot pink or according to your theme.

#3. Fuel in the flowers

Flowers would complement any wedding theme perfectly. An extensive use of fresh flower can pep up a day wedding more than any usual decor. Embellish the chairs with green leaves, roses, or tiny white baby’s breath to reflect a fancy touch to your dream day. Also, adorn those seats with wreaths of fresh flowers with colors such as pinks and peaches to exude a luxurious vibe.

WEDDING CHAIRS: COMFORT IN STYLE MATTERS! wedding decorator chairs-decor-fabric-flowers

#6. Into the dreamy affair

This is for the ones who are romantic at heart, As you will love the idea of pertaining the back of the chairs wrapped in soft fabric. Use the colors like gold or pale pink, add a few peacock feathers and use complementing flowers on it. Personalise the dreamy effect further go for the use of crystals, pearls or even rhinestones on the back of the chairs.

#7. Personalise and Customize

Wedding chairs: Comfort in style matters! wedding decorator fabric-sheath-chairs-fabric-flowers

#4. Gaiety galore

Your décor can scream out fun, fun and more fun, if you are not afraid to cover the back of the chairs in multicolored ribbons tied vertically. Use patterns vividly such as polka-dot ribbons, or create an effect by simply putting together happy strips of your favorite colors on a neutral-colored fabric. Substitute colors like yellow, pink and red that will give a stunning effect together!

#5. Owe Some Ombre

Tie and hang horizontal ribbons in different shades of one color. In the instance of going from baby pink to peach to reddish-orange to Outcast an ombre effect. When you tie the ribbons, be sure to keep the tails long. Keep your guests overwhelmed with the names printed on the back of the chairs.

WEDDING CHAIRS: COMFORT IN STYLE MATTERS! wedding decorator wedding-chair-swag-fabric-flowers

If you are able to have the budget to go a little over the board, you can get custom-made back covers for the chairs with funky signs on them. The signs that would spill some fun and make your wedding guests glee your creativity, “Would-be Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right”, or the love quotes. You can also add a bizarre touch by getting your pre-wedding photo shoot pictures printed on the fabrics. Although a budget-friendly way to customise the chairs is to have some placards imprinted with the funny, romantic quotes or filmy dialogues, rather than getting the custom-made usual fabric.Wedding Decorator, Best Wedding Decorator in Udaipur, Best wedding Decorator in India

So, here we have given you some really pretty chair decorating ideas. To let your creativity take over to bring together different materials, colors and ideas, to playout something unique and amusing for your wedding day plan!

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