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Centerpiece Ideas for your wedding

The sangeet function is arguably one of the most enjoyable events from your wedding. The color, dancing, relatively low key environment makes it the perfect kick off to your big day. Sangeets are also normally the most colorful which is why we’ve selected some of the coolest ideas for centerpieces for the sangeet function. Read on!

1. Flower Meets Fruit

If you’re looking to modernize and remake the boring flowers-in-a-vase centerpiece, consider adding some fruit deco to it. It’ll instantly liven up and make for a really beautyfull centerpiece. Choose from tomatoes and pineapples, or turn to grapes and plums for their gorgeous color.


3. Good Ol’ Glittering Vase

Sangeet functions should be vivid and lively- it’s a time of casual exchanges between family members. Go chic and classic with beautiful golden vases like these and add your favorite flowers to the combination. This is our go-to centerpiece idea for the hassle -free planner.


5. Fish Bowls

There is a good chance that your sangeet function is gold or orange-themed. And what goes better with those strands of marigold than some beautiful goldfish? We promise you, your guests never forget this one.


2. Silver/Brass Domes

For those who want to keep it classy, go for long-lasting candles placed inside these teeny domes. You get to choose from golden, silver,and brass domes to suit the decor, although they are all versatile enough to stand out from the decor too.

Tip: Choose from a plethora of scented candles- it really helps with your mood!

India's Top Wedding Decorator, Wedding Decorator in Udaipur - Fabric & Flowers

4. Mehendi Biscuit

Yep, you heard it right. The recent biscuit icing craze is all about mehendi designs in pop-vivid colors. If yours is a family that loves to snack, get these funky cookies made, and have them as centerpieces- croquembouche style.

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