Give an unique touch with laterns in your dream wedding

We love lanterns, candles, lights… all of it!!! Lanterns are the superb way to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere at your wedding events. Here are a couple of ideas on various styles of lanterns and how you can incorporate them in your wedding decor.

Metal Lanterns

Metal lanterns look elegant and chic and are a superb way to add natural lighting to your event. We love the ones in the photo above with the candles. They can be hung or just placed around the site.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are also pretty and add a comfy touch to your wedding decor. They work well preferably for an outside set up. They look stunning when lots of them are hung at diverse heights. There are various ways to string them; you could hang them independently at varying heights or string them in a mesh or simply in a line….they will look gorgeous in almost any way! Another great idea, is to dress up the usually basic paper lantern. Work on the colour based on your theme, dress up them with flowers, origami… get creative!

Oil Lanterns

Oil lanterns are old school, but a great option in case you are on a budget as these are not so costly. Also they can add a classical touch to your décor and the lighting is good enough. We like the way they have been used in the photos above.

Floor lanterns

Floor lanterns are a great way to mark the walkway for sundown outdoor events. They look delicate and this is a great idea to spice up your walkway. It is a practical idea which can double up as a decor prop.

Sky Lanterns

Finally, this is something we just can’t have enough of….sky lanterns! They are beyond gorgeous and a superb way to end your outdoor event. Hand them out to your guests, make a wish and release!

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